Childhood puzzles

Someone gave me one day a box of pictures. They were bad photographs, snaps, mostly taken in an artist studio and representing unfinished garment creations on vintage mannequins.
The person offering me this gift knows that I sometimes need material for my own creations and thought these pictures could be useful at some point.

A rainy and cold Sunday afternoon, I started a little workshop. Inspired by the subject on these images, I started creating my own garment out of these pictures.
I had fun doing this, and ended up with a strange and unique west coat.

While making it, I remembered a story I use to read when I was young.
“Donkey Skin” , from Charles Perrault, is the story of a King who promised his dying wife he would never marry a woman more beautiful than her. Sadly, as the Queen was the most beautiful woman, the King didn’t find any woman that would fulfil his promise, unless his own daughter. Under the pressure of his advisors and his entourage, he finally takes the awful decision to marry her.

The Princess, full of sadness and despair, went to find her Godmother and cried for help. Her Godmother advised her to ask her father for impossible request, as a condition to their union. One of these request in a dress “colour of time”.

As a child, even though the dress is described in the story, I could never visualise how this dress could be.
But today, I understand. What could symbolise the concept of Time better than photography ?
A photograph is literally the capture of a fraction of second, or more, on a piece of paper.

I created this dress from a fairy tale in the form of a west coat, in my bedroom, became a child again and solved one of my childhood puzzle.

If you want to read the end of the story “donkey Skin”, here is the original story.
You can also watch the movie “Donkey Skin”, directed by Jacques Demy and starring Catherine Deneuve.


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