Romantic fashion


I had the great opportunity to photograph a dress designed by Melissa Buchler, a young and talented fashion designer. The photo-shoot was great, we all had a lot of fun. I also had the chance to work with the photographer Indre Marcinkute who was my model for the day.






I made this series of collages in March 2014. My idea came from a french expression : “being a vegetable”. It doesn’t express something funny but I always found the saying hilarious. I can’t help myself visualising someone becoming suddenly a potato. I decided to express this metaphor in photographic collages. Creating these images was quite a long process.

By working on these pictures, I also thought it could symbolize the way human beings tend to forget that nothing, including us, is forever because we are all made of organic matter. Besides being funny, this project also deals with ephemeral and death.

Hiding from the light.

In December 2013, I created a series of images on the theme of “hide and seek”. I love experimenting with lighting in my photography and I wanted to create a colourful and mysterious body of work. I was very inspired by Erwin Blumenfeld. He is a great fashion photographer. If you want to read more about him, click here.

Broken mirrors

In December 2013, I created a series of still life. My goal was to subvert the traditional idea of flower photography. I like photographing flowers, but I know it can become very “cliché” and boring. I wanted to create my own vision of what a still life can be. I was inspired by the images from the series “Flora” by Nick Knight, who also tried to subvert the term of still life. His work is amazing.

I had so much fun creating these images !