A lot of different things on my way to the Tate.

The 19th of September 2013, I decided to go to the Tate Modern. As usual, I took the bus to go there. I like bus travels, especially in London buses. I love the idea of moving in the city with seeing what is going on, seeing the people, buildings and others details of everyday life that make London alive, things that we can sadly just imagine when travelling in the underground. I set myself a challenge : documenting my journey.

I started my trip in Chelsea, in Fulham Road, to make my way to Denmark Street, in Soho. I usually don’t take a lot of pictures when I am in the bus, and I realised that day that it wasn’t an easy thing to do, because of movements and the speed of the bus. Trying to anticipate and to shoot what was interesting was a bit difficult.

Arriving in Denmark Street, it started raining. I walked around Soho. I like this area for its strange signs and more generally its special atmosphere. Everything that happens there is obvious and hidden at the same time.

These two images represent what I like doing in photography. Playing with rules and transgress them can sometimes be visually really interesting.

I found a shelter under the Central Point tower, at the cross of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court. There, I found some really interesting building shapes and glass reflections. After taking few black and white pictures with strong formal composition, I decided to focus on lines and shapes for the rest of the trip. I think it works well, don’t you ?

From there I took the next bus to arrive to Grays Inn Road. I was a bit lost at this point; I don’t know this area surrounded by King’s Cross and Angel. It was still raining.

I missed my stop, and had to cross by walk the Blackfriars Bridge. It wasn’t a big matter, and it actually gave me the possibility to take more pictures. I went down the north side Thames pathway. There were surprising things : curving mirrors were hanging on the ceiling of the pathway, creating amazing distortions of the landscape. After taking few pictures and enjoying the shelter the bridge was from the rain, I crossed the Millennium Bridge which has a beautiful view on St Paul’s Cathedral, and made my way to the Tate Modern, in the rain and the freezing wind.

Keeping focusing on lines and shapes, I took some really grainy black and white pictures, because I think it expresses well the feeling of that moment; the cold rain and the grey sky.

Once in the Tate Modern, I have been visiting a great photographic exhibition displaying some of the work of William Eggleston, an american and very special photographer. If you are able to go and have a look, that’s great, if not, here’s a link of the Tate Modern website.

Hope you enjoy it !