Double exposures

These eight images are from a series called “double exposures” that I created between February and March 2014. They are analogue photographs, taken with a medium format  camera, and I printed them by myself in a darkroom.

I have always been fascinated by the work of Man Ray and his “rayograms“. He was experimenting a lot with processes and I think this is what photography is all about. I also love the Jerry Uelsmann’s work, who is a specialist in combination printing and multiple exposures.

Inspired by their work, I decided to create a series of eight images, which would be achieved by using different process of multiple exposures. I did a lot of experiments and really enjoyed spending time in a traditional darkroom. All the magic of photography reveals itself in that place. Seeing the image appearing on the paper when developing the photograph provokes a feeling that can only be experienced there. It is very exciting and intriguing.

I said “magic”, when it is actually very scientific and precise and it reminds me that people who invented and start experimenting with photography, as Fox Talbot among others, were originally scientists, but were also seen by the public as magicians. It is a bit how it feels when working in a darkroom. Photographers all know there is a scientific reason behind this process, but they are all still carried by this illusion of practicing an unbelievable magic trick.